Mary Vail, MBA Publicist


"The Philanthropic Publicist (TM)"

Vail Bio

Philanthropist | Publicist | Photographer

Mary Vail is a veteran publicist who specializes in image building campaigns and who focuses her energies on “positive” publicity. She has become known as the “Philanthropic Publicist.”

Vail directs all aspects of marketing and public relations.  During her thirty plus years as a PR professional, she has designed innovative campaigns for a vast array of industries. Her humanitarian efforts have been the focus of her profession as she seeks ways to improve the educational, physical or socio-economic lifestyle of those less fortunate.  She gives a voice to causes and finds opportunities to advance community outreach. 

The award winning publicist provides her services pro-bono to assist nonprofits and special interest groups with publicity, fundraising, manpower, photography and event management, as well as recruiting sponsors and luminaries to assist initiatives. 

A mandatory company policy requires clients to support nonprofit activities through whatever means they can provide. To achieve that end, she becomes their philanthropic coach: assessing and optimizing their stewardship potential.  Vail has guided many into the realm of community activism.

For more than four decades, Mary has used her education, skills, talents and resources to assist others in improving their quality of life. Her humanitarian efforts have been recognized locally, nationally and internationally, garnering Vail numerous awards and accolades as well as funding grants that have furthered her efforts.

Vail earned an Executive MBA from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and a BS from the University of Hawaii-Manoa.  She resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her family.

For information on PR representation, coaching services and speaking engagements, contact Mary at [email protected]