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Natural Photography, sans photoshopping

Posted on April 6, 2016 at 6:00 PM

Natural Photography™

Often the essence of photography can be lost in post-production. There is an array of tools to “enhance” an image, but frequently those filters and applications are overused to create the “perfect” picture and scene, almost something make-believe.

A great example is @KerryWashington post today on Instagram regarding her #photoshopped image on the cover of @AdWeek, and her remark “we have become a society of picture adjusters”, hits the mark.

It’s not just magazine editors and graphic artists doing all the retouching, but also everyday people using their smart phone apps and Photoshop to apply filters and special effects before posting their images to social media.

Apps to whiten teeth, even out skin tone, remove blemishes, perform some slimming techniques, add muscles, and even make them taller. But, has the retouching become so prevalent that it’s more of a standard rather than the exception.

Pictures are the way we tell our life story, posting everything that happens on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and google, as well as creating our “wish list” with images on Pinterest and Houzz.

As an old-school photographer who started with film and darkrooms, I love to capture the moment – I hate, even despise the post-production work! I enjoy the challenge of catching the natural image, the pure, raw, original essence of the moment in time.

It is true, we don’t always have the most desirable background or lighting but part of the challenge is trying to find the angle or exposure that brings out the most unique aspects of the shoot.

While vacationing/working in CABO with my family, I photographed my daughter, Ashley for a series of lifestyle images. Yes, she is a natural beauty, she was a former model, and was a dancer/performer in Vegas production shows. She is mindful of her health, and what she eats. She turned 30 in February.

These images are taken over multiple days in various settings with natural lighting. No make-up (face or body), no post-production. Yes, there are those who will pick at details; suggest removing this or that, to enhance the coloration or minimize the shadows, retouch her skin tones, etc.

My goal was to capture the scene with natural photography™.

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